Thursday, November 13, 2014

Week 2 - Mystingo Board Game
                After establishing the fundamental concepts of the game, our group worked on clarifying some of the game's components. The first issue we talked about was the design of the board. The original board was in the shape of a square so that the players could play on the edges. However, we realized that the square board would make the game too complicated since the game allows diagonal moves.  We came up with a new hexagonal board because the hexagon's edges would support diagonal moves. The new board also changed the amount of players from four to six.
                Our next challenge was to make sure that the players select their starting pieces in a fair manner.  We originally thought of allowing each player to choose a maximum of eight out of twenty pieces before starting the game. We liked this idea because it would create a sense of excitement since the players don't know what pieces the others have chosen. However, we were worried that this system may create an unbalance in power between players who select more powerful pieces. Therefore, we decided to assign values to the units, with more powerful units possessing higher values. Players would be able to select as many units as they would like as long as the units' total is under a set number.

                The final point we discussed was on how to distribute powers between the pieces. We decided to spend another week regarding this issue so that we could come up with ideas to create unique characters with a wide range of abilities.  

Areas to work on next week - Characters, cards, tokens, and balance

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