Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Week 1 Development

Mystingo Board Game Development

Week 1: First we established the parameters of our game. The parameters are that there had to be four factions and there are equal characters in each faction. This is an established parameter so that there will be no advantages in choosing one faction over another faction. Each player also has the opportunity to choose a certain number of faction members to send to the game board. Each player will place their faction leader in one of three spaces located on the board. The battle system works like a game of a rock, paper, scissors where each approach of offense, defense, and strategy would replace rock, paper, and scissors. Each direction of attack or defense would represent a different approach so you need to be careful when attacking or defending.

In this first week, we decided to change the game pieces and spaces on the board to a hexagonal shape. This will simplify the fighting system by having 6 directions of attack and defense rather than 9 directions. It adds to a sleek design of the faction pieces as well. We also discussed the possibility of adding a bomb that sends a faction member back to their respective base when attacked as one of the two other spots of placement in each person's base along with the faction leader and decoy.


-Having certain spaces in the middle which can grant powers such as fireball(expands range x2) or regeneration(faction member can re spawn in base after destroyed). This could add incentive to not stay back in the base and instead go out.

-Should some characters be able to move more than one space with a penalty to direction of attack?

-Should characters be able to attack over walls into another person's base?

-Printing different hexagons out and simply using it for prototypes with the directions.

-Getting board game ordered as soon as possible along with the pieces of the game

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